1. Mihret

    ክብሪ ንኣምላክ ይኩን ብሓቂ ከምዚ ዝበለ መኣዲ ፍልጠት ንዕዮ ኣምላክ ንዓካ ዝሃበና ኣምላክ ዝተመስገነ ይኩን
    እግዛብሄር ኣምላክ መመሊሱ ጸግኡ የብዝሓልካ

  2. Daniel

    God bless you Kebari. This issue has been a challenge to our society and I thank you and your team for taking an extra miles towards prevention.

    In the city I live, it has been recently reported that the number of Eritreans committing suicide is at the very top list comparing to other communities. This is despite our total number is at the very bottom list.

  3. Tinsiew Meskel Michael

    Hello kebreab, I just sign up tody, and I am trying to start taking the course but it seems it doesn’t wanna let me watch the video, if there is something that I miss let me know. Thank you!

  4. Debesay Abraham

    ስለ እቲ ግዜኻ ወፊኻ፡ ስርሐይ ሰራሕ ውልቀይ ክገብር ከይበልካ ዝሃብካና ኣስተምህሮ የመስግነካ። የቐንየልና! ኣምላክ ምሳካ ይኩን።