1. Simret

    Thanks a lot Sami. Very clear I am glad and happy to get this very good chance. May God bless you and your activities. Simret

  2. Ebenezer

    ዝኸበርካ ሓው ክብረኣብ፡ “ኢልያስ እኮ እዚ ኹሉ ኢድ ኣምላኽ ዝረኣየ፡ ካብ ፈርሀን ተሸበረን፡ ኣብ ዘበንና ውን ካብ ገዛእ ርእስና ጀሚሩ ንዝኾነ ሰብ ከጋጥሞ ከምዝኽእል ዓቢ መዘኻኸሪ ሂብካና።

    ካልእ ኣብ ከባቢና ዝርከቡ ግናኸ ናትና ምስኦም ምህላው ዝደልዩ ከምዘለዉ ውን ኣዘኻኺርካና፡ እጆኻ ጥራይ ዘልዮም፡ ኣብቲ በይኖም ኮይኑ ዝስመዖም ኣብ ጎኖም ክንርከብ።

    እ/ሄር መመሊሱ ይባርኽካን ጸግኡ ድማ የብዘሓልካን።

  3. Luwi

    You are the best! Bless your heart! Where were you all these time? such an inspiration and role model. thanks for very useful lessons I can’t get enough of it. I keep listening and exercise the quizzes of every session at least 3 times. very insightful and life changer lessons we really need more people like you Kibri! I personally am so proud beyond words to have such blessed Eritrean brother!

    Stay always Blessed Kibri! keep up the good work!