ሕቶታት ካብ ካልኣይ ክፋል

ሕቶታት ካብ ካልኣይ ክፋል


  1. Michael Asrat

    Why is the last quiz has typing error, the answer should be all of the above but you have to choose “c” and “e” to get point. Need correction

  2. Rahel H Tewolde

    Guys I am lost for words. God bless you more abundantly in wisdom. I can understand now why my past hasn’t affected me that much. I do vent out in terms of writing my story and talking about it. My purpose in doing that was others can learn from my past and know that God always have a way out. Little did I know it is helping me healing inside out.

    Sami hawey, the tigrigna words that you are using are a bit complex. Is there a way to make it easy to understand.